Global Healing List

B.O.T.A. uses the word “healing” to indicate the securing of wholeness throughout the personality and is intended to be of assistance in the work of making complete human personalities. Sometimes the physical healing of diseases does occur, but not always. For physical diseases, we advise that one seek professional medical help. A request to be added to the B.O.T.A. healing list may be made by anyone by following the guidelines below.

Making a request for healing by the person in need is necessary for healing to occur. In the case of a child, the healing request should come from a parent or a person directly responsible for the care of the child. In the case of an adult too ill to seek help for himself and may be confused, the request for healing should come from some person closely related to the care of the person.

The healing list is only for individual requests and should include first and last names. Pets, countries, large groups of people, businesses, etc. are not appropriate to be included in the B.O.T.A. healing list, but can be included in one's own private meditations.


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