Talks from 2015 B.O.T.A. European Meeting

On May 1–3, 2015 Fratres and Sorores from four continents gathered for a B.O.T.A. European Meeting at San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a small city near Madrid, Spain. Meditations, lectures, and practical work were translated into four languages in "real time."

Here are transcripts from three inspirational talks given over the weekend:

Shalom by Frater E.

Seeking the Highest by the Prolocutor General

Thoughts on the Subject of Healing by Frater M.

50th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration in New Zealand

2013 marked the 50th anniversary (Jubilee year) of the work of B.O.T.A. in New Zealand. Rev. Ann Davies, the successor to Paul Foster Case, traveled to New Zealand in 1963 to lay the foundation for the work of Builders of the Adytum to be undertaken there.

In October, B.O.T.A. members from New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, including the Prolocutor General, Rev. Diane Rhodes, gathered for a Jubilee celebration at the Naenae Temple in Wellington, where Rev. Will Chesterman lived and worked. During the celebration, two New Zealand members were ordained as ministers to represent the B.O.T.A. to the public: Frater Adrian and Soror Caroline.

More information about the Jubilee celebration and the work of B.O.T.A. in New Zealand is available from these links:


History of B.O.T.A. in New Zealand

Address by Reverend Diane, Prolocutor General from California, USA

Address by Reverend Caroline, Wellington, NZ

Address by Reverend Adrian, Auckland, NZ

Podcast of the Radio New Zealand's Spiritual Outlook radio show from B.O.T.A.'s Temple of Higher Thought in Auckland


Los Angeles Temple 50th Anniversary

The temple in Los Angeles was dedicated to the work of B.O.T.A. in 1959. On Sunday October 11th, 2009, Reverend Diane Rhodes spoke regarding the history and acquisition of the Los Angeles temple building in honor of its fiftieth anniversary. Read the transcript of her talk: transcript

Temple Dedication, October 11th, 1959

Hear Ann Davies' dedication of the temple on Figueroa Street. Listen or read the transcript.

Selected Articles

Selected articles by our founders:


L.V.X. - Paul Case

The Angelic Language - Ann Davies

Am I My Brothers Keeper? - Ann Davies

Tetragrammaton - Paul Case

Brotherhood - Harriet Case

Vibration - The Basis of Manifestation - Ann Davies


The Lantern

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The Portico

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Vernal Equinox 1999

Autumnal Equinox 1998

Vernal Equinox 1998

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Zenith News Notes

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This Troubled World

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