How may we assist you?

Do you need assistance resuming or accessing a prior membership?

Please contact or call the office (323) 255-7141 for assistance to avoid creating a duplicate account.

Already a member, but don't have an online account?

If you are already a member of B.O.T.A. but do not have an online account, you will need to register your membership for online access. Click the link below to get started.

Lost or forgotten username or password?

If you have already created an online account, either by requesting an Open Door or enrolling for membership, we can retrieve your username and password for you. Click the link below to proceed:

Unable to login to your account?

If you have registered for an account but are unable to login, it may be that your account is not yet verified. Please locate your confirmation email and click the verification link to begin using your account. If you cannot locate the email, check your junk or spam folder. To have your account information resent to you, please try using the lost/forgotten password request above.

Need further assistance?

If none of the above options are what you are looking for, please email us at or contact us for additional help.