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The world has been richly blessed by the writings and (in the case of Rev. Ann Davies) recorded lectures of the founders of B.O.T.A. Dr. Case's seminal works on Qabalah, Tarot, Masonry, and Rosicrucianism are considered by many to be classics in their fields. B.O.T.A. offers these works for sale as a service to its members and friends at its online store.

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The Hebrew Letter Workbook
New revised edition. Students who want to gain more familiarity with the Hebrew alphabet will enjoy this useful workbook, which includes detailed instructions for drawing each of the Hebrew letters, along with explanatory quotes from Rabbinical scholars giving further insight into the deeper meanings of each letter.

The Esoteric Keys of Alchemy, by Paul Foster Case.
Previously unavailable to the general public, the profound teachings hidden within the often mysterious writings of the alchemists are clearly explained.

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